Hot Hitz DJ Photos November 2017

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Hot Hitz Photos October 2017

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Wedding Sharing Idea #1…

Idea sharing is very important to a successful reception.  Reaching out to relatives can give you some great ideas!!  Also, take advantage of our “free” personal consultation.  We go over ideas from the ceremony, dinner and reception.  Dinner entertainment is one area we cover.

One idea is to number each guest table.  The guests will write a special message that corresponds with the number which can only be opened on that year of your anniversary.  This can give you over 20 years of messages to look back each year together.

Table #8…they have the opportunity to write a special message that can only be opened on your 8th anniversary.



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Thank you for your support Joan & Robert!!

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Hot Hitz Photos September 2017

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Hot Hitz Photos August 2017

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Hot Hitz Photos July 2017

From Downtown Minneapolis to Minnetonka to Richfield to a couple of trips to Lakeville, we certainly made the rounds and mileage on our transportation van in the month of July 2017.  We thank all the clients that made this possible without you it never would have happened.  It is a true honor to be a part of all these celebrations.  

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Weekly Top 30 Unpublished Chart

This is one of most amazing pieces of radio history that anyone has ever sent to us.  The Weekly Top 30 run from June 30, 1979 to January 2, 1982.  During the course of this time, they run two special shows (July 5, 1980 – All-Time Top 30 songs and July 4, 1981 – Top 30 summer of the past 2o years).

So, how did the show’s producer decide how to handle listeners requests about the missing chart during the week the specials run?  We weren’t able to answer this question for many, many years until we receive an email with access to a memo sent to a radio station that aired the show in 1980.

What we found was an published chart not available in any other trade publication (Billboard, Radio & Records, Cashbox Magazine, Record World, The Gavin Report, FMQB).  This memo leads to more questions about their chart and what the data means in the memo.

For the now, enjoy reading through this data and memo.  Please let us know if you know anything about this secret, in-house chart produced Drake & Chenault during this time period show’s run.  Click on the link and be amazed this information existed and kept.

wt30 not played chart 7-05-80

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Hot Hitz Photos June 2017

This was incredible month filled good memories, planning meetings, great excitement, live performances, ceremony music, 8th grade graduation party and fun closing songs, live auctions and more.  Thank you to everyone for your support and belief in Hot Hitz as the best choice for your celebrations.















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July 4th Playlist

Here you go.  We have created a playlist and video links for Top 40 picks for this year July 4th celebration covering all styles and types of music – a true Americana of our country.

  1. Star Spangled Banner/Whitney Houston

  1. God Bless The U*S*A*/Lee Greenwood


  1. This Is Your Land/Bruce Springsteen

  1. Pink Houses/John Mellencamp Cougar


  1. Beach Boys/Surfin’ U*S*A*


  1. We’re An American Band/Grand Funk

  1. Back In The U*S*A*/Chuck Berry, Linda Ronstadt & Keith Richards

  1. The Old Ragged Flag/Johnny Cash

  1. R.O.C.K. in the U*S*A*/John Cougar Mellencamp



  1. Born in the U*S*A*/Bruce Springsteen


  1. Twistin’ U*S*A*/Chubby Checker

  1. Party In The U*S*A*/Miley Cyrus



  1. Courtesy Of The Red, White And Blue (The Angry American)/Toby Keith

  1. Our Country/John Mellencamp

  1. Living In America/James Brown

  1. Saturday In The Park/Chicago

  1. My Country ‘Tis of Thee/Lee Greenwood

  1. Great American Cowboy/Sons of San Joaquin

  1. American Woman/Lenny Kravitz

  1. American Pie/Don McLean

  1. American TV Shows theme Songs:

* “Love American Style”

*Believe It or Not “The Greatest American Hero”/Joey Scarbury “

*American Bandstand”/Barry Manilow

  1. Calling America/Electric Light Orchestra (American Bandstand performance)


  1. Red, White & Blue/Lynyrd Skynyrd


  1. The Americans/John Mellencamp

  1. American Honey/Lady Antebellum

  1. American Music/Pointer Sisters

  1. America The Beautiful/Ray Charles


  1. American Made/Oak Ridge Boys


  1. Erickson School Dr Martin Luther King Jr SING ALONG America The Beautiful

  1. An American Dream/Dirt Band

  1. Only In America/Brooks & Dunn

  1. America/Neil Diamond


  1. Firework/Katy Perry

  1. America, Why I Love Her/John Wayne

  1. American Heartbeat/Survivor

  1. American Girl/Tom Petty

  1. American Kid/Go Fish

  1. American Dream/MKTO

  1. Kids In America/Kim Wilde

  1. God Bless America/Kate Smith

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